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Your first consultation will last about 40 minutes. This allows time for a medical history, examination, review of investigations and discussion of the main problem.

Private patients need a doctor's referral to claim a Medicare rebate

The referral can be from your GP or another doctor. The referral needs to be for the particular condition(s) needing treatment. Although many treatments attract a Medicare rebate, all PRP and some other Regenerative Medicine treatments do not. There are also restrictions on the type and number of services that can be provided on the same day and still attract a Medicare rebate. You will be advised if your treatment might attract a Medicare benefit before any treatment is provided.

If you are coming from interstate, your local doctor can still provide the referral.

Referrals from allied health practitioners are welcome, but these will not enable the patient to get a Medicare rebate for services provided by an SEM physician.

Bring any investigations you've had with you

If further investigations are needed you will be advised of this at your consultation. Do not try to guess what investigations will be needed or arrange for your own investigations.

SEM Physicians can order MRIs for their patients that are eligible for Medicare rebates. Often tests other than MRIs can be bulk billed.

We always aim to run to schedule, but we also give patients the time they need

At Regenexx Australia, we value your time and will try to keep you informed of any delays. We are happy to answer phone calls on the day of your appointment to check that the doctor is running to schedule.

Please try not to be late for appointments as it reduces the time available to work on your problems and impacts on all patients that come after you that day.

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