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What does Regenexx Australia treat?


Regenexx Australia treats musculoskeletal injury and pain, whether acute or degenerative.

All joints in the limbs are treated as well as some lower back problems. Regenexx Australia provides treatments that have been clinically proven to stop or slow the progression of joint degeneration, relieve pain and improve function.

We also treat soft tissue injuries to ligaments and tendons, as well as specialised soft tissues such as the rotator cuff and the plantar fascia.

What doesn't Regenexx Australia treat?


Regenexx Australia does NOT treat head or neck injuries.

We do not treat patients for chronic, systemic or genetic diseases (such as Rheumatoid arthritis, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, or fibromyalgia), but understand these people still play sport, exercise, get injured, and require treatment at all stages of their life.

We do not treat injuries arising from a motor vehicle accident and will not write insurance reports or legal reports relating to injuries arising from motor vehicle accidents.

Is every treatment offered by Regenexx in America offered by Regenexx Australia?


Most Regenexx treatments for peripheral joints and some lower back problems are offered by Regenexx Australia. Some treatments pioneered by Dr Chris Centeno, the founder of Regenexx, are not offered by Regenexx Australia. These include treatments to the cervical spine, intervertebral discs, and labral tears about the hip and shoulder.

Regenexx Australia adheres to the processing and treatment protocols developed by Regenexx to maximise safety and efficacy.

Are Regenexx Australia treatments covered by Workers' Compensation insurance?


All cases are judged on an individual basis, but most treatments supported by EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) are supported by Workers' Compensation insurers.

WorkCover patients need pre-approval from their insurer for all consultations and treatments they want billed to their insurer. Without pre-approval the patient will be required to pay for all treatments and consultations at the time. These consultations do not attract a Medicare rebate.

Does Regenexx Australia perform orthopaedic surgery?



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