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Regenexx Australia offers dextrose prolotherapy: a treatment that can help minimise the effects of injuries to ligaments and tendons. Some patients with joint damage might also benefit from prolotherapy treatment.

Dextrose prolotherapy is the injection of a concentrated Dextrose solution mixed with a potent local anaesthetic directly into the damaged tissue.

The Dextrose solution is manufactured under sterile conditions specifically for administration by injection.

How can prolotherapy help me?

Independent clinical data supports the use of dextrose prolotherapy in the treatment of tennis elbow[1] and rotator cuff injuries[2]. Positive results have also been seen when treating plantar fasciitis[3] and low back pain arising from the sacroiliac joint[4].

Dextrose prolotherapy has also been shown to reduce knee pain due to osteoarthritis[5] in specific populations, with some researchers suggesting it is as effective as exercise at reducing the pain of osteoarthritis[6,7].

Dextrose prolotherapy forms part of a total treatment program including activity modification and a good diet.

Dextrose prolotherapy is usually used to treat ligaments and tendon injuries.

How much time does prolothreapy treatment take?

Dextrose Prolotherapy is an “off-the-shelf” treatment that can be provided as part of a booked consultation. No preparation is required.

Soft tissue injuries are usually treated with a course of 4 to 5 injections given 3 to 4 weeks apart. If patients have not responded after 3 injections they are unlikely to respond at all. Most patients do not benefit from having more than 7 injections in a series.

Large joints, such as the knee, are often treated with repeated injections of prolotherapy given about 1 month apart. Smaller joints such as finger joints often only require injections every 3 to 6 months.

You don't have to live with an injury or pain. Contact us to find out if prolotherapy is suitable for your condition.

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